How to Submit Your Music to Spotify Playlists

Are you trying to get on Spotify & YouTube playlists but no one’s answering your emails? Here are a few DOs & DON’Ts that might improve your chances and help you get your music out there.

I’ve been curating several independent Spotify & YouTube playlists for a while now. Doing this, I noticed some mistakes artists make when they submit their music for consideration. Do you make these as well? Check this list and find out whether you can improve your submission game.

1. Point to a Specific Song

A bulletproof method of getting your message ignored is by sending a album/EP link and not focusing on a specific track or single.

“Hey man, this album has like 11 songs in it and we think one of them might fit your playlist.. Anyway, we thought we’d let you like listen to the whole thing and like, ah.. chose for yourself. Thanks!”

2. Make it Simple to Access

Some submissions feel like a puzzle or a treasure hunt. There’s only a certain number of clicks I’m willing to make in order to get to your music; Don’t make it hard. Most importantly, send the relevant link to be added. If you’re trying to get on a Spotify playlist, send a Spotify URL. The same goes for YouTube.

“Hey bro! Check out my new song! You can Google my website; you’ll find which one I mean after browsing a little, then look for it on Spotify. Okay, thanks, byyyyye!”

3. Make it Personal

I know you’re copy-pasting your way through this. Everybody does it. Still, wouldn’t hurt to put in a little effort so the curator gets the impression that you’ve actually been listening to their playlist and not just spamming them. Having said that, don’t fake it too much, as it’s very easy to spot. And don’t accidentally leave in your placeholders 😉

“Hello [replace-with-name], how are you? I’ve been enjoying your playlists so much! Please add this song to your YouTube/Spotify playlist of relevant genre! Xoxo! Bye!”

4. Get the Genre Right

Using a computer to make music doesn’t make it electronic. Having an acoustic guitar in the mix doesn’t make it acoustic. Make sure to get the genre right. Of course, some songs do combine several genres, but don’t stretch it too much.

“Hey dude, here’s a song for your electronic music playlist! There’s a short passage played by a synth in the outro!”

5. Name the Playlist

It’s pretty safe to say that most independent curators run more than one playlist. It’s best to mention which playlist you refer to and are trying to get on. Otherwise, a busy/tired person on the other side might hit the ‘delete’ button instead and go to sleep. It helps if you’re specific and also if you mention similar artists on that list.

6. Sharing is Caring

Got into the playlist? Great! Share it with your friends, post it on your artist profile. This way the playlist can also grow and reach new potential listeners & followers. It’s in everybody’s best interest and a just a nice thing to do 🙂

Do you have any tips & tricks that help you get into playlists? Are you a curator yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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    So helpful and easy to follow. Thank you Oren!!

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